Our providers deliver the complex care required for assisted living facility residents at all levels of acuity. We will travel to your facility and provide care for multiple residents, maintaining continuous personal contact and coordinating with your medical staff, as well as the patients’ families. Capital Coordinated Medicine also provides an Assisted Living Hotline to support your facility.

We offer comprehensive medical services to your residents:

  1. We travel and come to your facility to provide medical care to your residents
  2. Our providers will have continuous personal contact with your medical staff as well as patients families
  3. We provide a 24/7 “Assisted Living Hotline” telephonic support
  4. We provide potential access to urgent visit- will be determined on case by case bases

If you wish to partner with us and allow your residents to benefit from our comprehensive and highly coordinated medical care please contacts our Clinical Coordinator at 240-744-0001.